Heartbreak as young Nigerian couple die mysteriously after sleeping in a friend's house for one night in Delta state

Celia Acquah

March 12,2018

- A young Nigerian couple have had their lives cut short

- According to reports, Matthew and Bose bought spicy meat known as suya and headed to a friend's house to spend time together

- The couple spent the night in the house were both found lifeless in the morning

A young Nigerian couple gave up the ghost in the early hours of one morning in Sapele area of Delta state. According to reports, the lover named Matthew and Bose were spending time together in a friend's house when they died mysteriously.

Sources claim the couple had bought peppered meant, popularly known as suya the night before and devoured the spicy meat in their friend's house, who they had gone visiting. The young lovers decided to pass the night at the house and enjoyed the night on the couch, while the said friend slept in the room.

As the sun rose, cries aroseform the apartment as Matthew and Bose were both found lifeless with no physical danger lurking around to prove the cost of their death.

Late Matthew and Bose

Upon realising their lifeless bodies, the attention of the neigbour were drawn to the tragic incident. Everyone was running helter, skelter searching for a solution or at least an explanation to what happened to the lovers.

The case was taken to the police station who invited the owner of the house to help in their investigation over the cause of death. Some people have concluded that the suya might have done more harm than good.

However, no solid evidence on what could have snatched the lives of the Matthew and Bose has surfaced.

May the soul of the departed rest in peace.